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  1. If the puree is too tart, sweeten it to taste.
  2. Shakespeare wrote, " to sweeten my imagination ."
  3. A delivery of butter pecan or Neapolitan might sweeten the deal.
  4. State-owned importers were granted subsidies to sweeten the contracts.
  5. Puree 1 pint raspberries, strain, and sweeten to taste.
  6. Their message was clear : Sweeten the offers or go away.
  7. Strain the pink juice through cheesecloth and sweeten it to taste.
  8. Instead, both candidates would sweeten the retirement packages for seniors.
  9. The panel was given sugar to sweeten the tea if desired.
  10. Some departments offer insurance and retirement plans to sweeten the pot.


  1. make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable; "sweeten a deal"
  2. make sweeter in taste
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