surfs meaning in Hindi

surfs sentence in Hindi
• तरंग
• लहर
• लहरों पर बहना
• सरसरी तौर पर नज़र डालना
• एक वाहिनी से दूसरी वाहिनी पर जाना
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  1. Surfing only requires two things : a surfboard and some surf.
  2. Stars & AMP; Stripes surfs unlike any of the others.
  3. "We're involved with the Hollywood surf scene.
  4. Too often, people of all ages just channel-surf.
  5. "The surf's been better here than there.
  6. She surfs the Internet and augments virtual voyages with real trips.
  7. I want to surf the Internet without worrying about hourly fees.
  8. But their message is : Go indoors and surf the Internet.
  9. Rod and reel : Standard surf tackle is best for both.
  10. Translation : Wham _ a kisser full of sand and surf.
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