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• सर्फिंग
• सर्फ़िंग
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  1. Jon Balter of Agoura said of his recent introduction to surfing.
  2. Surfing only requires two things : a surfboard and some surf.
  3. The Floridians'sweep comes as surfing is enjoying a resurgence.
  4. I have been net surfing for probably less than a year.
  5. Who spends an inordinate number of work hours surfing the Internet?
  6. Here was Botticelli's Venus, surfing on her scallop.
  7. More frequently, surfing the ` Net comes with a price.
  8. Some Internets users spend their time surfing the World Wide Web.
  9. Folks with physical disabilities want to go Web surfing, too.
  10. Or are they all surfing the you-know-what?
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