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  1. Note the succinctness of the shorthand compared to the normal text.
  2. The confusion far outweighs any beauty and succinctness of the name.
  3. Her focus upon succinctness and discipline is epitomized in her focus on haikus.
  4. Spano suggests succinctness : " Two words are better than 20 ."
  5. This couplet's beauty is in its succinctness and multiple layers of meaning.
  6. Through the internet, electronic mail and faxes, we strive for succinctness and directness.
  7. In that vein, give the best presenter award to Nicolas Cage for admirable succinctness.
  8. Brevity in succinctness is not achieved by shortening original material by redundant material from it.
  9. As you get closer to the finished product, pls revisit WP : CAPTION, particularly succinctness.
  10. But the value of succinctness and clarity without baggage is huge, in the List and category titles.


  1. terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words
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