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  1. So we have to be very careful about any mass subsidization.
  2. An example of cross subsidization may occur in the banking industry.
  3. Instead, the plan was a method of cross subsidization.
  4. Government's subsidization of disincentives to work will only sap economic vitality.
  5. The party opposes federal restrictions on, or subsidization of, medical treatments.
  6. Also requiring heavy taxpayer subsidization that would minimize net benefits to local residents.
  7. Incentive policy and subsidization fund have impose to the preserve this precious cultural.
  8. Texas is second to California in its subsidization of energy, the report says.
  9. Farmers were really alarmed; the government had been doing a lot of subsidization,
  10. The subsidization of online advertising did not pan out, " she said.
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  1. the act of providing a subsidy
  2. money (or other benefits) obtained as a subsidy

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