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  1. This ribosome modulation is a part of the stringent response in bacteria.
  2. In other bacteria, the stringent response is mediated by a variety of RelA / SpoT Homologue ( RSH ) proteins, with some having only synthetic, or hydrolytic or both ( Rel ) activities.
  3. (p ) ppGpp, guanasine pentaphosphate or teraphosphate is an alarmone which is involved in the stringent response in bacteria, causing the inhibition of RNA synthesis when there is a shortage of amino acids present.
  4. He elucidated the means by which bacteria signal the shift from growth when food is abundant to maintenance when food is scarce, the topic of his PhD thesis titled " Magic Spot and the Stringent Response ".
  5. During the stringent response, ( p ) ppGpp accumulation affects the resource-consuming cell processes translation . ( p ) ppGpp is thought to bind RNA polymerase and alter the transcriptional profile, decreasing the synthesis of translational machinery ( such as rRNA and tRNA ), and increasing the transcription of biosynthetic genes.

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