strewn meaning in Hindi

[ stru:n ] sound:
strewn sentence in Hindi
बिखरा हुआ
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  1. The board's track record is strewn with controversial issues.
  2. Her wake is strewn with administrators she has gotten rid of.
  3. Giant boulders of compressed, brilliantly colored rocks are strewn everywhere.
  4. The cinder track was strewn with wretched damsels in agonized distress,
  5. Shards of metal and glass lay strewn all around the tracks.
  6. Shoes, socks and other belongings were strewn along the road.
  7. Wet towels were strewn across the floor with faxes and magazines.
  8. But, mines and booby traps seem to be strewn everywhere.
  9. Paths are strewn with the tarnished bronze coins of aspen leaves.
  10. But the road to that high ground is strewn with obstacles.
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