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  1. Before the stretchy, sturdy synthetic nylon, silk was it.
  2. The skirts were stretchy tubes; the dresses were thin columns.
  3. Knit shirts and sweaters sport a bit of the stretchy fiber.
  4. And Donna Karan dressed her in a stretchy red halter dress.
  5. Beachwear was high-cut at the leg in stretchy cotton.
  6. The tape comes with a giant pink stretchy exercise band.
  7. People who inherit stretchy collagen can bend more easily, he said.
  8. And not all fabrics are stretchy or see-through.
  9. Squads of limber young men in stretchy uniforms have completed spring training.
  10. The bras and panties looked stretchy, comfortable and sturdy.
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  1. capable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape

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