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प्रतान आवृत्‍ति
stretching:    तनन तनाव
frequency:    प्रायिकता
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  1. Correlations are available between the stretching frequency and U O bond length.
  2. The wide range is due to the sensitivity of the stretching frequency to other substituents in the molecule.
  3. It has also been observed that the stretching frequency correlates with the position of the equatorial ligands in the spectrochemical series.
  4. In the infrared spectrum the N-F bond in NF 2 has a symmetrical stretching frequency of 1075 cm  " 1.
  5. The argonated compound has a stretching frequency of 776 cm  " 1 compared to 914.8 cm  " 1 in neon.
  6. The " stretching frequencies " of bonds between fluorine and other light nonmetals are such that strong absorption in the atmospheric window will always be characteristic of compounds containing such bonds.
  7. The stretching frequency change depends upon the ligands that have been added, but the frequency is always greater than 2000 cm  " 1 for an Ir ( III ) complex.
  8. Ionic molecules produced this way include,,,,,,,,,,,, and, which are identified by a shift in the U = O antisymmetric stretching frequency.
  9. Tracking the 13 CO in the products was accomplished using IR spectroscopy because the greater mass of 13 C compared to 12 C produces a distinctive shift of the ? ( CO ) stretching frequency to lower energy.
  10. Several correlations have been shown between infrared stretching frequencies of certain bonds and the electronegativities of the atoms involved : however, this is not surprising as such stretching frequencies depend in part on bond strength, which enters into the calculation of Pauling electronegativities.
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