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  1. Sometimes he stretches a point to dramatize his conversion from anti-American views.
  2. Or if they want to provoke for political reasons, they know how to stretch a point.
  3. To stretch a point, never has a North American professional sports championship involved a franchise named for a reptile.
  4. To describe the design as Palladian would perhaps be to stretch a point too far  although Palladio did draw his influence from Roman Farm buildings.
  5. To generalise this as evidence that the Mail specifically can't be trusted is to stretch a point . talk ) 18 : 56, 11 December 2015 ( UTC)
  6. If " you " were to request that it be deleted I would stretch a point and delete it ( CSD G7, though strictly speaking that's only for accidentally created articles ).
  7. It stretches a point too far to include information about the deceased great-grandfather of a living person as being material about the living person, so it is not a matter for this noticeboard.
  8. We can probably stretch a point here and claim that since the law has a stated intent to make the material available, we are treating that stated intent as a license .-talk ) 03 : 18, 7 February 2009 ( UTC)
  9. If you wanted to stretch a point, " The Forsyte Saga " and " A Dance to the Music of Time ", but both of those are multi-volume works rather than single novels, and second-rate compared to " Kim " and " Brideshead ".
  10. I suppose you could stretch a point and call it a " first revert " if you wished to edit war, but I regard it as a bona fide, good faith edit helpful to our readers in providing a useful wikilink for those ( non-Americans ? ) unfamiliar with the American gubernatorial system.
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