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  1. Your body's physical response to the stressors is stress.
  2. Patients need to be very forthcoming about stressors in their lives,
  3. Perfectionism or unrealistic notions of life can make stressors into distress,
  4. For older folks especially, that is a big stressor ."
  5. Stress hormone release tends to decline gradually after a stressor occurs.
  6. Specific work-related stressors are related with specific SBS symptoms.
  7. It was apparent that life stressors had impacted each child differently.
  8. In cases of conversion disorder, there is a psychological stressor.
  9. Moreover, different diatheses and stressors are implicated in different disorders.
  10. However, anxiety also stems from more serious stressors as well.
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  1. any agent that causes stress to an organism

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