strap shaped meaning in Hindi

strap shaped sentence in Hindi

strap:    कोड़ा तसमा तस्मा
shaped:    u-रूप कलशाकार
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  1. The newest shoes have a vintage feel _ open toes, wedge heels, ankle-strap or T-strap shapes.
  2. Young plants have distichous, strap shaped leaves.
  3. Each flower consists of four to six ( depending on species ) slender strap shaped petals 1-2 cm long.
  4. Each plant grows from a small bulb, with 2-3 strap shaped leaves and pale blue flowers with darker veins, blooming in early spring or late winter.
  5. The branches are often partly tubular near base, and strap shaped above, initially creeping along the substrate for a short distance before ascending upwards, and frequently divided more or less in a digitate ( palmate ) fashion.

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