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  1. "Datura stramonium " generally flowers throughout the summer.
  2. Herbs such as euphorbia, stramonium and licorice can help treat asthma.
  3. Some Debteras have also been noted to use Datura stramonium to cause hallucinations.
  4. D . stramonium is called jimson weed.
  5. Jimsonweed ( " Datura stramonium " ) and juniper berries were always avoided.
  6. Hyoscyamine can be extracted from plants of the " Solanaceae " family, notably " Datura stramonium ".
  7. More specifically, there are reports that certain nerve agents such as tetrodotoxin and datura stramonium have been tested at this military base.
  8. They are closely related to Jimson weed ( D . stramonium ) and to the shrublike brugmansias, with which they are sometimes confused.
  9. Since then it has been identified in many other plant species including " Datura stramonium " and " Nicotiana glutinosa ".
  10. His body was then recovered and he was given doses of " Datura stramonium " to create a compliant zombie-like state and set to work on a plantation.
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