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[ stɔ:k ] sound:
stork sentence in Hindi
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  1. Storks, chickens, piglets and dogs wander along its banks.
  2. There are owls, partridges, storks, buzzards and eagles.
  3. Wood storks posed on one leg, their favorite eating stance.
  4. "Hey, stork man, " one yelled.
  5. The group was touring the hospital in preparation for stork time.
  6. We passed stork nests and shepherds using dogs to herd sheep.
  7. Sept . 10-12, Vicksburg : Storks and Corks.
  8. In fact, Stork became interim coach at a right time.
  9. Stork hopes to be involved with offseason Northridge training and recruiting.
  10. Liza flaps her arms like a stork to trigger the light.
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  1. large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage

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