splints meaning in Hindi

splints sentence in Hindi
• पट्टी
• तख़्ता
• फट्टी
• खपच्ची
• खपच्ची बांधना
• खपच्ची बाँधना
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  1. -- Shin splints-- a pain in the shins.
  2. She put splints on her knees so that she walked haltingly.
  3. She was placed in a splint and walked into an ambulance.
  4. He previously missed the entire 1992 season with severe shin splints.
  5. It doubles as an emergency first aid splint or thermal vest.
  6. Splints and smooth pebbles strapped to fingers gave us arthritic hands.
  7. The Chronicle : How fast can you type using the splint?
  8. Now it was wrapped in a splint of twigs and string.
  9. Complicated splints are supposed to help her damaged joints and tendons.
  10. They've determined that I have shin splints and tendinitis.
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