splinting meaning in Hindi

splinting sentence in Hindi
• पट्टी
• तख़्ता
• फट्टी
• खपच्ची

• कुशानुप्रयोग स्प्लिटिना
• कुशानुप्रयोग स्प्लिटिन्ग
• स्थिरीकरण
• खपच्ची बांधना
• खपच्ची बाँधना
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  1. Splinting fingers is not the usual work of a cardiologist, either.
  2. It's good for hurricane protection, splinting a finger and removing hair.
  3. The treatment of arthrogryposis includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, splinting and surgery.
  4. Treatment is with splinting, casting or surgery.
  5. Serial casting and splinting are often used to reduce soft tissue contractures and muscle tone.
  6. He advocated the use of exercise, manipulation and splinting to treat deformities in children.
  7. Lower limb splinting is specifically beneficial in providing a base of support and facilitating walking.
  8. Systematic review and meta-analysis do not support the use of splinting over steroid injections.
  9. Non-surgical treatment consists of splinting, proximal tissue massage and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  10. Another possible option is splinting, to secure elbow, a conservative procedure endorsed by some.
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