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• स्पाथा
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  1. A long sword ( spatha ) lay diagonally on the corpse.
  2. The " spatha " remained popular throughout the Migration Period.
  3. Spatha is arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad.
  4. The Roman " spatha " was used in war and in gladiatorial fights.
  5. There is no hint of any native Roman sword called a " spatha ".
  6. The transition from the Viking age spatha to the pommel into simpler hazelnut or disc shapes.
  7. She is an accomplished horse-rider and skilled with a " spatha ".
  8. Archaeologically many instances of the " spatha " have been found in Britain and Germany.
  9. The Romans adopted the Celtic cavalry sword, the spatha, and Epona, the Celtic horse goddess.
  10. They were in the form of the spatha and therefore have been classified as " Roman swords ".
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