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  1. But he wrote it off as spasticity caused by the training.
  2. This phenomenon is associated with pyramidal tract lesions with moderate spasticity.
  3. Spasticity is a common problem experienced by people with cerebral palsy.
  4. This is general manifested as spasticity in at least one limb.
  5. There's a spasticity and weakness, " she explains.
  6. His spasticity is the result of an accident and subsequent brain damage.
  7. Five of the six compounds tested reduced tremors and spasticity.
  8. Some consider clonus as simply an extended outcome of spasticity.
  9. Furthermore, this hyperactivity in the gamma spindle loop can cause spasticity.
  10. The ones producing spasticity are then selectively lesioned with tiny electrical pulses.
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  1. the quality of moving or acting in spasms

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