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  1. This " Vision " unfolds unhurriedly, spaciously and rapturously.
  2. Roberto Abbado conducts the Munich Radio Orchestra in a spaciously paced, sensitive performance.
  3. Arabesques bloomed spaciously rather than striking a shape.
  4. The hall of the cathedral is built spaciously without any aisles on its flanks.
  5. The church was built spaciously and beautifully.
  6. The National Gallery show, spaciously installed, does everything to suggest the breadth of Moran's endeavor.
  7. French conductor Bertrand de Billy, making his Met debut, led a deftly paced yet spaciously lyrical performance.
  8. Framed by a plainsong processional and recessional, the harp-accompanied cycle is freshly sung and spaciously recorded here.
  9. The show is installed in classic Modern style : spaciously and immaculately, in pristine white rooms with minimal wall texts.
  10. Inside, Judd's early red sculptures and other works are spaciously displayed, often with pieces of Gustav Stickley furniture nearby.
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  1. with ample room; "the furniture was spaciously spread out"
  2. with ample room; "the furniture was spaciously spread out"

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