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  1. His softheartedness makes his otherwise unpromising ways palatable.
  2. "One cannot show softheartedness in cracking down, " it said.
  3. "One cannot show softheartedness in cracking down, " the China Consumer News said.
  4. But usually, as in this book, the softheartedness is seen and not seen, remembered and forgotten.
  5. It includes feelings of sympathy, compassion, softheartedness, tenderness, sorrow, sadness, upset, distress, concern, and grief.
  6. Can it simply be that Gingrich, having tossed off a reference to Boys Town, then actually watched the movie and decided that in the interests of broadening his political base, a touch of tough-minded softheartedness a la Spencer Tracy couldn't hurt.
  7. He insists, a bit irritatingly, on his noble birth, his guileless nature ( this from an accomplished escape artist ) and his softheartedness : " So as not to crush little ants underfoot it is my habit to hop lightly from one foot to the other when I am on the road ."
  8. "The Producers " and " Full Monty " are locks, and " A Class Act " looks increasingly secure in the third spot, partly out of softheartedness for the show's hero, the lyricist Ed Kleban ( " A Chorus Line " ) who died in 1987.

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