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  1. We will by no means be softhearted or weak-handed,
  2. Others fear similar scandals that might make softhearted customers feel guiltily attired.
  3. In the past, he has been criticized as being too softhearted.
  4. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani reincarnated as a softhearted, sensitive guy?
  5. Caught me on videotape .'He's tough, but softhearted.
  6. But softhearted Harry simply offers Joey advice.
  7. Hardened producers turned into softhearted suitors, jockeying to help bring the show to Broadway.
  8. But it's less softheaded _ and much more softhearted _ than you might think.
  9. Boone, the scuzzy but softhearted Texas cowpoke who emerges, suggests a Gabby Hayes in training.
  10. He portrays Pauly Sherman, a softhearted parasite living off his rich father, played by David Dukes.


  1. easily moved to pity or sorrow; "a softhearted judge"

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