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  1. Clinton said, as the partisan crowd tried to shout down the heckler.
  2. A police major escorting the journalists tried to shout down the woman.
  3. Chorus, in which he shouts down a whole choir .-- JON PARELES
  4. Inconvenient for those who would shout down speakers, but it is.
  5. Their main objective, obviously, is to shout down as many nominations as possible.
  6. Wurmheller claimed another Spitfire shout down on his fourth combat mission.
  7. Feral yet brilliantly calculated, the work's animal qualities are not easy to shout down.
  8. The day Everett returns from his suspension, he shouts down Williams in the clubhouse.
  9. This will eliminate the need to shout down everyone else.
  10. Byers'willingness to confront and even shout down his critics belied his almost impassive, technocratic demeanor.


  1. silence or overwhelm by shouting

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