shiverings meaning in Hindi

shiverings sentence in Hindi
• काँपता हुआ
• काँपता हुआ
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  1. I was shivering and my arms were turning white with cold.
  2. He was shivering before Super Bowl XXIX last January in Miami.
  3. Frozen extremities will lead a shivering soul right to the bar.
  4. We returned to the room, me shivering and Cynthia smug.
  5. He was shivering and heading into the danger zone for hypothermia.
  6. Tens of thousands are shivering through the night in refugee camps.
  7. The children that we saw were shivering, cold and hungry,
  8. The performers do a lot of contorting, shivering and posing.
  9. In the old days, the rafters would still be shivering.
  10. Neil Stanfield was shivering uncontrollably by the time he reached shore.
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