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• शिवा
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  1. He founded Wadjet Eye Games to sell " The Shivah " and his forthcoming titles.
  2. In the Jewish tradition of sitting Shivah, family members stay home for six days after a death while friends bring them food.
  3. Five students from the same Shivah High School were among those buried and many of their classmates rode three buses in a grim motorcade from funeral to funeral.
  4. And when a cousin was killed in an accident, the family was to sit shivah ( the seven days of mourning ) in her brother's apartment.
  5. Gilbert has previously stated for the concept of " The Shivah " that he wanted to do an investigation, but have the hero be someone other than a detective.
  6. Similarly, the Jerusalem Talmud linked " the seven days " in to the law of seven days of mourning for the death of a relative (, " shivah " ).
  7. He started out with home-made, freeware games, but went professional in 2006, founding Wadjet Eye Games and releasing " The Shivah " and " The Blackwell Legacy " commercially.
  8. ""'The Shivah " "'is a point-and-click adventure game from 2006, designed and developed by Dave Gilbert with the assistance of others, including voice actors and artists.
  9. Mourners sitting " shivah " ( week of mourning subsequent to the death of a spouse or first-degree relative ) outwardly conduct themselves normally for the duration of the day and are forbidden to display public signs of mourning.
  10. "We're not going to sit shivah when a Jew marries a non-Jew, " she added, referring to the Jewish mourning period, a practice that was sometimes carried out decades ago for a Jew who had intermarried.
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