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• शिन्तो धर्म
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  1. But Shinto is almost impossible to explain by any Western yardstick.
  2. Nearly all Japanese practice both Buddhism and the indigenous Shinto religion.
  3. Shinto is Japan's indigenous animistic religion . ( may)
  4. Most people here engage in both native Shinto rites and Buddhist.
  5. Koizumi did not undergo traditional Shinto purification rituals at the altar.
  6. No problem, said a spokesman for the Shinto Shrines Association.
  7. Like many priests, he hesitates to call Shinto a religion.
  8. This opinion reflects the traditional Shinto association between death and pollution.
  9. Many Shinto shrines provide or sell it in the New Year.
  10. The Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Japan.
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