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  1. They are expected to bring shinpads and a mouthguard when appropriate.
  2. Note the apparent absence of shinpads and switch from iconic white gloves.
  3. I heard a crack and at first I thought it was my shinpad.
  4. "That puck just missed Ben Eaves's shinpad and went off a stick right to the corner of the net.
  5. Dave Archibald's hard clearing attempt from the Ottawa goalmouth hit Sweeney's shinpad and bounced straight back past Senators goalie Damian Rhodes.
  6. Goalkeepers wear padded gloves to aid in catching the ball, large shinpads, a padded sweater, and a helmet with a face mask.
  7. Denmark need not stuff newspaper under its shinpads as its forebears did 54 years ago, when it last appeared in the world ice hockey championship.
  8. Every Canadian scored a hat-trick at least, and the Danes resorted to packing newspaper under their shinpads to protect themselves from Canada's hard shots.
  9. The Danes, who played with newspaper stuffed under their shinpads against some of the excruciatingly hard Canadians shots back in 1949, have no doubt arrived in Finland with better equipment this time around.
  10. On 22 December 2016, after making no league appearances during the first half of bookable offenses on his debut  a 1 1 home draw to CD Tenerife  the latter for not wearing the obligatory shinpads.
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