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  1. In Massachusetts, beaver dams threaten hundreds of septic tanks and wells annually.
  2. Many of the holes are thought to be remnants of septic tanks.
  3. It would be situated between the septic tank and the drain field.
  4. That noise that sounds like an overworked septic tank on bath night?
  5. The grass is greener over the septic tank, one book title says.
  6. Septic tanks have to be desludged regularly to ensure they operate efficiently.
  7. Q . My septic tank is 2 1 / 2 years old.
  8. Septic tanks are still used in the older homes of some exurbs.
  9. Sewer service in the area is provided by individual septic tank systems.
  10. The baby elephant fell into a giant septic tank and nearly drowned.


  1. large tank where solid matter or sewage is disintegrated by bacteria

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