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  1. I wriggled out of the woman's wrestling hold.
  2. Sandler's character inadvertently kills a delivery man while teaching a little boy wrestling holds.
  3. The match between Shawn Michaels and Mr . Perfect began with a series of wrestling holds.
  4. Volleyball, basketball, and wrestling hold home games / meets in Soledad High School Gym.
  5. They make every grab for a drumstick and every wrestling hold part of a clearly developing relationship.
  6. It is also danced here as a delicious pas de deux that is part embrace, part wrestling hold.
  7. After Woodin dominated Spurling with amateur wrestling holds, Spurling bit off part of one of Woodin's fingers.
  8. Mainstream American pro wrestling holds supercards at least annually and broadcasts them on pay-per-view ( PPV ) television.
  9. His offense includes various technical wrestling holds and pinning combinations, along with hard hitting strikes, which stems from his love of puroresu.
  10. He executed the heroic group " Wrestlers "  two figures locked in Greco-Roman wrestling holds that prevent either man from winning.
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