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  1. There is a long record of individuals wresting apologies from antagonists.
  2. Diplolingo is now wresting the phrase back from the general usage.
  3. The military retaliated by wresting control of Manukalam from the guerrillas.
  4. Rather than wresting expectations, he has wrestled with frustration.
  5. Falkinburg said of WCW's wresting school in Atlanta.
  6. SWAPO was running on its success in wresting independence from South Africa.
  7. The Tories'big challenge was wresting back their traditional suburban territory.
  8. She said wresting control from the dominant Nationalist Party was not easy.
  9. Still, he harboured the intention of wresting Siberia from the Bolsheviks.
  10. Only once did the Longhorns feel the Cornhuskers wresting control of the afternoon.
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