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  1. The idea of optimal colors was introduced by the Baltic German Chemist Wilhelm Ostwald.
  2. Schmidt is notable as the PhD advisor of the Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Ostwald.
  3. It was essentially supported by Wilhelm Ostwald.
  4. Production of nitric acid is via the Ostwald process, named after German chemist Wilhelm Ostwald.
  5. In 1900, Max Bodenstein became Lecturer at the physicochemical institute of Wilhelm Ostwald at University of Leipzig.
  6. There he studied at the University of Leipzig under Johannes Volkelt, Wilhelm Ostwald, and Ernst Mach.
  7. Afterwards, he served as an assistant to Theodor Zincke at Marburg and to Wilhelm Ostwald in Leipzig.
  8. He then spent three years in Germany, working with Ludwig Claisen, Adolf von Baeyer and Wilhelm Ostwald.
  9. In addition to his work in chemistry, Wilhelm Ostwald was very productive in an extremely broad range of fields.
  10. Invented by Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald, a Baltic German Chemist and later refined by Otto Folin, an American chemist.
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