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  1. Demonstrating veteran wiliness, Sammy Sosa stopped running.
  2. Cleverness, wiliness, and ability to deceive are ranked higher than telling the truth.
  3. Everything he does is fascinating, from his folksy, distracted manner to his casual wiliness.
  4. He must be a student of actors'strengths, and his wiliness suits this picture.
  5. Lynde seems to be the perfect match with her supporting attitude and wiliness to help her husband succeed.
  6. James spoke as an immigrant and a colonial subject who prized wiliness and linguistic creativity as weapons of survival.
  7. And he embodies the film's idea of how wiliness, obstinacy and good cheer turn into communal spirit.
  8. Still, they are wedded to their own more conservative philosophy and are wary of the president's wiliness.
  9. Still, when faced with a potentially treacherous situation, I like to think I display a certain instinctive wiliness.
  10. Some individuals require more work than others, of course, but none are a match for Flora's wise wiliness.
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