widely sentence in Hindi

pronunciation: [ [ 'waidli ] ]
"widely" meaning  


  1. They roam about widely in search of food .
    इस जाति के पक्षी भोजन की खोज में दूर दूर तक घूमते हैं .
  2. most widely read children's author, in fact.
    सबसे ज्यादा पढ़े जाना वाला बच्चो का लेखक हूँ, सच में
  3. to what's widely regarded as the world's most difficult conflict,
    विश्व के सबसे कठिन माने जाने वाली बहस के,
  4. to have widely shared benefits of economic growth.
    आर्थिक विकास के फ़ायदे को बराबर सबमें बाँटने के लिये।
  5. (regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy but also ranging widely over the curriculum)
    सेकंडरी (माध्यमिक)
  6. Danon (right) is widely seen as a thorn in Netanyahu's side, as in this Ha'aretz cartoon.
    इजरायल के डैनी डानन के लिये उपयुक्त अवसर ?
  7. Vaccines that were used more widely.
    टीके, जिनका उपयोग व्यापक रूप से किया गया।
  8. Where do they do it? Sniffable products are widely available and they are portable.
    वे इसे कहाँ करते हैं?
  9. that became widely used in those systems.
    जो उन प्रणालियों में प्रयोग होने लगी |
  10. In that time the Sati was practiced widely.
    उस समय में सती प्रथा भी जोरों पर थी।
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