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  1. _High data-rate, wideband communications covering planetary distances.
  2. EDFA provide an efficient wideband amplification for the L-band.
  3. Current ultra-wideband systems have resolutions of a few millimeters.
  4. Ten 500 kW transmitters and 34 wideband curtain arrays were installed.
  5. The answer to both needs was wideband FM-frequency modulation.
  6. The first Wideband Gapfiller satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2004.
  7. Wideband FM is used instead to trade RF bandwidth for reduced power.
  8. Wideband signals can be converted to conventional quattro signals and vice versa.
  9. Planning poker is a variation of the Wideband Delphi method.
  10. Wideband audio has been broadly deployed in conjunction with videoconferencing.
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