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  1. It dates from around 1790 and is constructed of whin stone.
  2. Whin Sill is also seen again at Hadrian's Wall.
  3. Further upstream from Bught Park is Whin Park which has a boating pond.
  4. There is a Musalla on Whins Road in alloa.
  5. It covers Sykes Fell, Whins Brow, Croasdale Fell and Wolfhole Crag.
  6. On cooling, these crystallised and solidified to form the Great Whin Sill.
  7. The station is owned by Whin, Inc ..
  8. It is a disused quarry, from which Whin Sill stone was formerly excavated.
  9. It plays host to the intrusive Whin Sill.
  10. There are then several modern footbridges in the area between Whins of Milton and Bannockburn.
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