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  1. The insect's coloration has been shown to be velvet ants.
  2. Now, there are distant relatives of bumblebees called " velvet ants " ( Mutillidae ).
  3. Members of the genus " Castianeira " appear to be mimics of ants and velvet ants.
  4. I think what you might be seeing is the red velvet ant or cow killer ant.
  5. The largest known complex involves 65 species of North American velvet ants in the genus " Dasymutilla ".
  6. This wasp is frequently attacked by the parasitic " velvet ant " wasp, " Dasymutilla occidentalis ", also known as the " cow-killer " wasp.
  7. He was known for his political and scientific activism and perhaps as the world authority for the African and Palaearctic Mutillidae ( velvet ants ).
  8. Insects such as velvet ants, milkweed bugs and ladybirds scurry around in the moss, which is placed on the platform of a converted computer-controlled machine for milling metal.
  9. The eastern velvet ant is the largest of the aposematic coloration, consisting of black overall coloring with an orange-red pattern on the dorsal surface of the thorax and abdomen.
  10. Velvet ants ( actually parasitic wasps ) such as " Dasymutilla occidentalis " both have bright colours and produce audible noises when grabbed ( via stridulation ), which serve to reinforce the warning.
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