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  1. A garden of velveteen flowers springs up in a funky window box.
  2. Take Margery Williams'tale about a velveteen rabbit, for example.
  3. Some velveteen jackets look exactly like suede until they're touched.
  4. But once there was a velveteen rabbit, and he was really splendid.
  5. The Velveteen Father : A Gay Man's Unexpected Journey to Fatherhood.
  6. Roos had on an orange plaid velveteen knicker suit.
  7. His velveteen Beanie Babies took the world by storm.
  8. The primary characters are named Ginger and Velvet ( short for Velveteen ).
  9. "Goodnight Moon " and " The Velveteen Rabbit ."
  10. -- Going straight down a slope prepared to a velveteen finish is fun.
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