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  1. epidermis, called velamen, has the function to absorb humidity.
  2. The velamen arises from the root tip by division of a special tissue.
  3. The roots are covered by velamen.
  4. In some orchids, the velamen includes spongy and fibrous bodies near the passage cells, called tilosomes.
  5. Upon absorbing water, the dead cells become transparent, and the whole velamen tissue then appears green.
  6. Orchids with velamen, a layer of cells covering the roots that helps prevent moisture loss, require a long, heavy drink.
  7. The dead cells of velamen diffuse light, thus giving it a grey appearance except at the tips, where the chlorophyll become visible.
  8. Once reaching and touching a surface the Velamen is not produced in the contact area, allowing the root to absorb water like terrestrial roots.
  9. The exodermis is surrounded by velamen, consisting of one to several layers of cells, which can develop root hair under proper environmental conditions.
  10. The roots of all " Prosthechea " species possess a velamen ( a thick sponge-like covering ) differentiated into epivelamen and endovelamen.
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