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  1. This mineral occurs as an anchimonomineral veinlet that cross-cuts poikilitic nepheline syenite ( Hawthorne 2012 ).
  2. The broad costal area of " Elektrithone " along with the strongly curved humeral veinlet, comb like MP ( medial posterior ) and CuA ( cubitus anterior ) veins and the series structure of the radial crossveins are all features seen in Ithonidae.
  3. Underside hindwing : the red postcostal spot is relatively small but the red part has much increased against the black part; besides the large red anal mark and the mark before the first disco-cellular veinlet, there is a large red spot in the lower median cellule ( interspace 2 ), a smaller red spot in each of the three preceding cellules ( interspaces 3, 4, 5 ) and a streak-like spot at the base of the lower median cellule.
  4. The male of this species presents, on the upperside of each anterior wing, three lines of modified scales, namely, one along the posterior side of the median vein between the origins of its first and second branches, another on each side of the first median veinlet from the origin of this up to the second discal spot, and a third, also double, along an equal portion of the submedian vein, and a thick clothing of setae paler than the groundcolour at the base of the interno-median area, and a similar clothing of paler setae on the middle three-fourths of the sutural area; and, on the underside, a conspicuous and equally long furry patch of pale fulvous coarse setae divided by the submedian vein.

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