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  1. Sabre-saw blades generally cut on the upstroke.
  2. Every careless upstroke left the newsprint paper my school supplied shredded and smeared.
  3. Outstretched, the forelimbs were probably capable of full upstrokes necessary for flapping flight.
  4. This force is developed primarily through the less powerful upstroke of the flapping motion.
  5. The upstroke does not cancel out the downstroke.
  6. Bending the wing on the upstroke helps, but it's not required.
  7. In the upstroke, one frets the third string first, reversing the rolling action.
  8. The style is characterized chord chops on the offbeat, sometimes called " upstrokes ".
  9. In Robinson's model, both the downstroke and the upstroke would have been powerful.
  10. Members come from local bands jamSKwAd, Upstroke Mayhem, and No Ca $ h Value.
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