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  1. Reentrant tuning helps to achieve similar sounds between the downstroke and the upstroke on strummed instruments.
  2. Hummingbirds and insects gain lift during hovering partially through inversion of their cambered wings during an upstroke.
  3. This gives the short PR interval and slurred upstroke of the QRS complex known as the delta wave.
  4. Alternate picking is when the player strictly alternates each stroke between downstrokes and upstrokes, regardless of changing strings.
  5. Similarly, his backward roll consisted of middle finger, then a pick upstroke, then a pick downstroke.
  6. In short the angle of attack allows for the wing to constantly gain lift, even on the upstroke.
  7. By folding the wings in toward their bodies on the upstroke, they save 35 percent energy during flight.
  8. The rhythmic electric guitar in chicha is played with upstrokes, following patterns derived from Peruvian coastal creole waltz.
  9. Hummingbirds have a relatively short humerus with proportionally massive pectoral muscles which permit pronounced wing supination during upstroke when hovering.
  10. The traveling valve drops through the fluid in the barrel ( which had been sucked in during the upstroke ).
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