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  1. Sheen realizes all of the uproarious, randy outrageousness of Mozart.
  2. They had to endure a stream of uproarious and arduous negotiating sessions.
  3. He then lets loose with a loud, uproarious chuckle.
  4. John Kelly's alternately worshipful and uproarious tribute to Joni Mitchell.
  5. Nevertheless, it allows the comic moments for his trademark uproarious inspiration.
  6. For much of the time, it is also uproarious.
  7. Despite his air of uproarious amiability, Rostropovich clings to certain formalities.
  8. Lane dances an uproarious limbo with the lowest common denominator.
  9. In 2013, Vasaeleth released the " All Uproarious Darkness"
  10. Rosemary Wells'watercolors have uproarious good humor and unfailing tenderness ."
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