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  1. All species in this genus are epiphytes with a sympodial growth.
  2. Its sympodial units are 2-foliate; internodes being between.
  3. The sympodial units have two ( rarely three ) leaves.
  4. These orchids with a sympodial growth have rhizomatous stems with often angled pseudobulbs.
  5. They are mainly terrestrial plants with sympodial growth, but some are epiphytes.
  6. They are sympodial growers and will form handsome clumps in only a few years.
  7. The plant is semi-pendulous and sympodial.
  8. They may have a single stem of blooms ( monopodial ) or many ( sympodial ).
  9. Orchids without noticeable pseudobulbs are also said to have growths, an individual component of a sympodial plant.
  10. This sympodial " tree grower " grows terrestrially in central Brazil, at altitudes of 600 900 m.
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