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  1. He produced a strip cartoon for John Hooper, is a journalist and author.
  2. In former years, the magazine published collections of their strip cartoons.
  3. `Do you know the old story about the strip cartoon writer who goes on holiday ?"
  4. The " Film Fun " comic included an  Old Mother Riley strip cartoon in the 1940s.
  5. By 1970 most of the publications with text had been replaced by new weeklies of the strip cartoon type.
  6. Comics, shortened from comic strip collections, comic strip being another name for strip cartoon, meaning cartoons arranged in a sequence.
  7. Hampson then began to devise seven other strip cartoon ideas, which he intended to offer to the " Eagle ".
  8. Tintin's new comic would be a strip cartoon with dialogue in speech bubbles } } and drawings that carried the story.
  9. Her first book of cartoons " The Dirty Dublin Strip Cartoons " ( Poolbeg Press ) was based on these strips.
  10. :The subject of this article has appeared in popular cultural contexts such as films, video games, novels, strip cartoons, and the like.
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