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  1. Its true that Shia have a " smeary " view on Umar.
  2. The smeary sauce that pork belly produces makes a brilliant bowl of rice.
  3. Their smeary, worked-over density seems to abstract the walls and their contents.
  4. Lizanetz, a former ad man for Marley who circulated smeary accusations against his ex-boss.
  5. Q . My solid maple dining table is 40 years old and is dull and smeary looking.
  6. If the humidity is too high, the cheese does not mature and becomes smeary and gluey.
  7. As he got older, a favorite way of passing the miles was making smeary designs on the windows.
  8. Arching his back and waving languidly toward a waitress, Affleck exposes a smeary splotch on his right shoulder.
  9. For some reason, they then blurred or smudged the area afterwards, leaving those smeary clouds in his place.
  10. As history, it's the sort of thing that used to be printed in smeary ink on cheap paper.
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