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  1. Anthrax and the blood-disease septicemia are known to occur.
  2. Over the following days, she developed septicemia and became delirious.
  3. However, she suffers from septicemia, and becomes severely dehydrated.
  4. For cases of septicemia, high doses of penicillin are required.
  5. A toxicology reported that Shazia died of septicemia or blood poisoning.
  6. The new born baby girl is in serious condition with septicemia.
  7. It has been reported to cause septicemia in an immunocompromised patient.
  8. The Associated Press reported that she died of septicemia resulting from pneumonia.
  9. Septicemia : Invasion of the bloodstream by a virulent microorganism.
  10. Kyrastas was hospitalized on March 5 with an acute case of septicemia.
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