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  1. One can also define a similar curve for dim conditions ( scotopic vision ).
  2. Scotopic vision is dominated by retina amacrine cells, specifically all-amacrine cells.
  3. The depolarization of the cell membrane in scotopic conditions opens voltage-gated calcium channels.
  4. The AII amacrine cell is a mediator of signals from rod cells under scotopic conditions.
  5. Photopic vision facilitates excellent color discrimination ability, whereas colors are indiscriminable under scotopic vision.
  6. Scotopic luminous efficacy of radiation reaches a maximum of for monochromatic light at a wavelength of.
  7. In scotopic vision, people are more sensitive to light which would appear greenish-blue.
  8. In very low light levels, vision is scotopic : light is detected by rod cells of the retina.
  9. Scotopic vision occurs at luminance levels of 10  " 3 to 10  " 6 cd / m?
  10. In most night-time environments, there is enough ambient light at night to prevent true scotopic vision.
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