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  1. In May 1861, he was promoted to a roundsman and then a sergeant three months later.
  2. At this time, Morton was subsisting on doing odd jobs such as ditch digger and milk roundsman.
  3. The cab was not fitted with doors, providing quick access to the driving position by the roundsman.
  4. Banking services in those days were limited and one of her tasks was to collect the roundsmen's cash.
  5. On December 2, 1864, McDonnell won promotion to roundsman for his brave conduct in arresting a negro burglar.
  6. Around 1915 he accepted a position on the literary staff of the Melbourne Argus, and worked as a Federal roundsman.
  7. One of the most successful Roundsmen was Henry Every, who captured a ship personally owned by the emperor Aurangzeb of India, looting more than ?325, 000.
  8. Taylor attempted to murder McCullagh, ambushing him one night on Ninth Avenue with a pistol, but the roundsman escaped with a minor head wound and a marked ear.
  9. A floral cross was provided by the department and laid on the coffin and crape was worn on the sleeves of all officers above the rank of roundsman for a month.
  10. Two practices were of particular concern : the " roundsman " system, where overseers hired out paupers as cheap labour, and the Speenhamland system, which subsidised low wages without relief.
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