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  1. The trunk of the sindoor-coloured Ganesha icon is rightwards.
  2. His ball swung sharply rightwards and landed unceremoniously into a sand trap.
  3. As Knife # 1 moves rightwards, XR shrinks while XLT and XLB grows.
  4. This shifts the household budget line rightwards.
  5. Patterns of this type move rightwards.
  6. On tax cuts, Bush consolidated his political base and then tried to pull the Democrats rightwards.
  7. Cricoid pressure is often confused with the " BURP " ( Backwards Upwards Rightwards Pressure ) maneuver.
  8. Physiologically, this can occur in tall and thin individuals . can cause rightwards displacement of the heart.
  9. :Actually, a flowing river, being a fluid, would also be deflected rightwards as it flows.
  10. Although generally perceived as leaning rightwards politically, he was comfortable with the welfare state which emerged during his archiepiscopate.
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