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  1. They jeered at U . N . calls for repatriation now.
  2. But not everyone in Tallahassee welcomed the new policy of repatriation.
  3. A sense of urgency is evident in the latest repatriation effort.
  4. Nomura was interned until his repatriation to Japan in August 1942.
  5. The leaders had initially promised to comply with the repatriation order.
  6. If they do not return voluntarily, they will face repatriation.
  7. The repatriation is separate from inquiries being conducted into his disappearance.
  8. Arabs say more than 800, 000 Palestinians qualify for repatriation.
  9. But the majority are determined in their demand for early repatriation.
  10. It was the largest repatriation ever undertaken by UNHCR in Africa.
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