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  1. Until then, Haitians picked up at sea were summarily repatriated.
  2. Repatriating profits is easily achieved on the interbank foreign exchange market.
  3. We remain as determined as ever to repatriate all Vietnamese migrants,
  4. Most of those losses were offset by income repatriated by investors.
  5. Japanese exporters have to sell dollar for yen to repatriate profits,
  6. Japanese exporters have to sell dollars for yen to repatriate profits,
  7. A weaker krona means sales abroad are worth more when repatriated.
  8. A stronger dollar increases the value of overseas revenue when repatriated.
  9. That allows them to book larger profits when they repatriate earnings.
  10. All but four of the passengers were immediately repatriated to Haiti.
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